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Dr. Shabnam Rezapour

Dr. Shabnam Rezapour

I am an assistant professor of Enterprise and Logistics Engineering at Florida International University and the head of "Smart Decision-Making for Network-Centric Systems" research group. 

The research interests of our group lie in making smart decisions for decentralize/network-centric systems. More specifically, we develop analytical models (stochastic optimization models, stochastic processes, statistical learning methods, etc.) to understand, analyze, and manage network-centric systems 

April 2024: Our research group has been awarded Environmental Finance Fellow for the 2024-25 cycle.
March 2024: Our PhD student, Ervin Moore, successfully passed his qualifying exam today. Congratulations Ervin.  
January 2024: Federated Learning (FL) has surged in popularity amid the rapid growth of advanced AI, accompanied by escalating security and privacy concerns. FL facilitates efficient model development using local data storage on edge devices while safeguarding sensitive information from exposure to external entities.
Our PhD student, Ervin Moore, has successfully published a paper titled "A Survey on Secure and Private Federated Learning Using Blockchain: Theory and Application in Resource-Constrained Computing" in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

October 2023: Namrata Saha, our PhD student, presented her research at 2023 INFORMS Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona.    


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