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Dr. Shabnam Rezapour

Dr. Shabnam Rezapour

I am an assistant professor of Enterprise and Logistics Engineering at Florida International University and the head of "Smart Decision-Making for Network-Centric Systems" research group. 

The research interests of our group lie in making smart decisions for decentralize/network-centric systems. More specifically, we develop analytical models (stochastic optimization models, stochastic processes, statistical learning methods, etc.) to understand, analyze, and manage network-centric systems 

 July 2019: Mohammad Amin Farzaneh received Kaufman Scholarship. Congratulations
August 2019: Jessica Franco joined our research group as a graduate research assistant. 
November 2019: Fatemeh Ghasemzadeh joined our research group as a postdoctoral research associate. 
March 2020: Mohammad Amin Farzaneh was accepted to continue his Ph.D. in the Naveen Jindal School of Management at UT Dallas as a research assistant. Congratulations :) 
June 2020: Our research group is awarded the Preeminent/Emerging Preeminent Doctoral Assistantship for a new doctoral student – InteRaCt! 
August 2020: Namrata Saha joined our research group as a Ph.D. Student.
November 2020: The first paper of Mohammad Amin Farzaneh was accepted to publish in the Journal of Cleaner Production. Congratulations 


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