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The research interests of our group lie in making smart decisions for decentralized network-centric systems. More specifically, we develop analytical models (stochastic optimization models, stochastic processes, statistical learning methods, etc.) to understand, analyze and manage network-centric systems such as disrupted infrastructure networks, relief/healthcare networks, disease propagation in social networks, commercial supply networks, and ecological networks of water reservoirs. 


We are accepting applications for a joint Ph.D. position in the School of Computing and Information Sciences & Enterprise and Logistics Engineering program at FIU for Fall 2020. 

This position requires strong mathematical and programming background, and definitely and enthusiasm for working tirelessly and effectively. Applicants are required to submit their most recent C.V. focusing on their prior research in healthcare and resilient infrastructure. Scholars with backgrounds in computer science, mathematics, and ISE are welcome to apply.



Infrastructure Networks

Optimizing the restoration operations for disrupted  infrastructure networks

Amirkabir University of Technology

PhD, Supply Chain Management, 2006-2010

Relief Networks

Analyzing interactions between disaster mitigation, preparedness, and response operations

Healthcare Networks

Online coordination of relief teams in large-scale multi-site disasters 

Ecological Networks

Resilient and sustainable water allocation patterns in the ecological networks of water reservoirs  

Supply Networks

Resilient network design for supply networks operating in competitive markets

University of Oklahoma

PhD, Systems Engineering, 2012-2017

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